Welcome to my website. I've been a keen collector of mid 20th century ceramics - specifically quality post war Poole Pottery (the Freeform, Studio, Atlantis ranges in particular) and the modernist designs that Keith Murray produced for Wedgwood in the 1930s -  for about 20 years.


Over this time, apart from developing a great appreciation of the quality of some of the items produced, I've amassed rather too many items for our apartment and more importantly, my wife, to cope with.


So, rather than selling items on ebay, I decided that a more interesting and personable way to thin things down would be to develop a website where I could sell good pieces directly to other collectors. As a slight warning, this is the first website I've attempted to build so please excuse any functionality problems as I'm learning this as I go along - if you experience a problem, just email me via the Contact Page.


Developing the website also means that you can browse items without the worry of being outbid,  I can give you a bit more confidence, and a more knowledgable assessment of a piece, than buying from ebay. The descriptions and condition reports on all the items I list are honest and accurate - they are the type of thing that I would want to know if I was buying the item.


I'm always happy to answer any queries and needless to say, if you ever have an issue with any item you purchase, I will refund you the purchase and the cost of sending it back.



 All the very best