Keith Murray Squat Shoulder Vase

Keith Murray MoonStone Vase - SOLD

  • This is an excellent example of a very early Keith Murray Shape 3820 squat shoulder vase in the moonstone glaze.That it's an early example is denoted by the use of the separate "moonstone" stamp which was only used for a very short period. The glaze is also slightly more gloss than later examples.

    The vase is 6.5in high and 11in wide and is in good condition. However, please be aware that it has had a small area of professional restoration to the top lip. It's so good that it only really shows under black light. This is why it is half the price that it would otherwise be.

    Please note that this vase is 3kg before packaging so sending it overseas will be very expensive by standard post. However, it may be possible to find an alternative so contact me regarding shipping before purchasing to discuss costs.