Keith Murray Royal Brierley Vase

Keith Murray Royal Brierley Vase - SOLD

  • Before Keith Murray was employed by Wedgwood, he worked for Royal Brierley designing a wide range of vases for the glassworks. These vases were produced in very small numbers and are therefore rare to find today.

    To make matters more difficult, many of these vases are not signed making attribution difficult.

    However, this pink bubble vase has the benefit of his acid-etched signature in the base (although it is very faint and you need a good imagination to see it in the photo).

    These bubble vases are handblown and, as the bubbles are not produced using a mould, require very skilled blowers to produce. The bubbles are often describes as trapped seafoam due to their random nature and look stunning in the light.

    The vase is 9in tall and in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or scratches. For accuracy, there is one bubble on the inside of the vase which burst during manufacture but this can only be noticed if you rub your finger over the inside surface of the vase.