Poole Pottery Delphis Charger

Poole Pottery Delphis Charger - 16 inches

  • This is the largest of the Delphis charges, being a shape 54 at 16 inches in diameter. It was painted by one of Poole lead painters - Carole Holden - between 1966 and 1968 in a pattern that just oozes 1960's design.

    The lilac and orange has come out well but, to be honest, the blues haven't glazed well and have come out too dark. If it had fired well it would have been a real masterpiece (and a lot more expensive) but as it is it's a very good early charger at a good price.

    There is no damage but, as you can see in the last photo, there is a small area that, when it was fired the back of the charger must have touched another item in the kiln forming a blob. This has subsequently grind this off before selling.