Poole Pottery Guy Sydenham Atlantis Studio Vase

Poole Pottery Guy Sydenham Vase - SOLD

  • This vase is a one-off special piece produced by Guy Sydenham. The vase is highly unusual in that it has been produced using marbled clay - this means that clays that fire to three different colours (a dark brown, a light brown an a white clay)have been loosely mixed together so that when the vase is thrown and fired the vase retains swirls of the different clays.

    I have only every seen one other Poole vase that Guy produced using this technique.

    The vase in unglazed on the outsize but has a green glaze on the inside in order to make it waterproof.

    The vase is 4in tall and 5in in diameter and is in perfect condition with no damage whatsoever. It is signed on the base with Guy's initials and the Poole logo.

    A really unusual piece for any collection.