Rare Shape 33 Poole Pottery Studio Vase

Poole Pottery Studio Vase - Shape 33

  • This early studio vase from 1962/64 has been very well carved and then covered with a highly unusual glaze. It appears that the vase has first been glazed in a brown glaze similar to the mushroom glaze on the twintone vases. Then, over this, it has had further layers of glaze applied. The end result is a version of the later "seafoam" glaze effect but with a very fine foam and in a khaki colour rather than and green/blue of seafoam.

    While the top layers of glaze have slipped slightly in a few places showing the brown glaze below, there is no damage at all and the vase is in excellent condition.

    It is 4.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches across, and still has the remains of the original price sticker on the base.