Poole Pottery Studio Vase - Shape 60

Poole Studio Vase - SOLD

  • This large Poole Studio vase dates from 1964-6 stand just under 8in high and is decorated with bands of in turquoise, lime green and brown.

    Although the piece is signed attribution is slightly difficult due to a number of decorators having this mark in 1966. Most probably it is either Geraldine O'Meara or Shirley Campbell.

    The vase is in good condition although it has had a professional restoration to the rim - hence the price. The restoration is almost impossible to see it with the naked eye and I only realised it was restored when I saw that it had been previously sold at Woolley & Wallis Auctioneers

    Shape 60 studio vases are very hard to find and this is the best decorated one that I've come accross.