Rare Keith Murray Wedgwood Vase

Rare Keith Murray Wedgwood Vase

  • This is a very large Keith Murray vase in the rare shape 3904. The vase is hand thrown but then faceted so that it has 16 flat sides which then go up to a circular top lip. The skill and time it would have tken to do this shows why it was not produced in any number.

    I have been a collector of Kith Murray for over 20 years and this is only the third of this shape that I've seen in that time - and the only one I've seen in Matt Green.

    It is 11.25 inches across at the top and stands 7.25 inches tall and comes in at 2.1kg

    Of particular interest is the marking on the base. As well as the usual Keith Murray stamp and "made in England" and "wedgwood" impressed marks, this vase has two addition marks.

    The first is an impressed date stamp that shows that it was produced in August 1936 and it has the shape number "3904" inscribed on the base. This is one of the few times I've seen this on a Keith Murray vase and suggests it was produced in low numbers as an experimental piece.

    The vase is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or restoration. There is some oxidation on the inside of the vase and a rust stain to the bottom of the inside as can be seen on the last photo.